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Beautiful Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decorations Ideas to Cozy Up Your Home

The mention of Christmas will stroke the feeling of joy and happiness to every one of us. Christmas is after all, the biggest time of the year where it brings fond memories of good times, good food and stunning decorative scenes all around us (Personally, I like the last one more than anything else). Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas? If you are, you have come to the right place.

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The pictures of elegant Christmas decorations found in this blog (personally handpicked by me with the help of few friends) are curated especially to ignite the creative spark within our reader. That is not all. There are various DIY guides that are written to help you jumpstart your Christmas decoration fun.

Dress Up Your Home for a Cozy Christmas

A beautifully done indoor Christmas decoration tends to receive less of the spotlight. This is understandable because the yard is visible to the public eye and taking pictures outside one’s house does not require permission while decorations found inside the house is private. This probably why there is often less motivation to spruce up the living room compared to the lawn.

Cute christmas bathroom set
Up on the Rooftop Polyester Fabric Holiday Shower Curtain
New 3pcs Santa Christmas Bath Mat Contour set, Bath rug

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But this does not make Christmas decor within the house to be less valueable compared to outside. Remember that Christmas is one of the coldest time of the year and indoor is where your family, friends and guests will warm up and spend most of the time at. Sprucing up your living room with sparkling Christmas ornaments should therefore be of equal (or probably more) importance, particularly if you are still working out your holiday decoration budget.

Which part of the house do I start? This is a question that most people will be asking. It depends on the size of your house and I understand with so many corners to cover, getting starting can be overwhelming at times. I share such experience but I’m glad (or sad you may say) to tell you that to come up with gorgeous Christmas decor, there is no golden answer to the question.

flowery and elegant holiday table centerpiece decoration
25-inch Burnt Orange Pine and Copper Sequined Ball Thanksgiving Pillar Candle Holder Centerpiece
24-inch Plain Pine Christmas Table Centerpiece

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Start with one corner

Rather than procastinating, the best part of the house to get started is simply to pick any corner of the house to begin with. It does not matter where you start but what matters is to get started.

For example, you can start planning for the dining room. Take a piece of paper, look around and jot down all the different type of ornaments that you think will make elegant Christmas table decorations. Since this is only the preliminary stage, you can jot down as many items as possible without having to worry about the budget.

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Repeat with the next corners

After you are done with the first section of the house, you can move on to the next corner. You can repeat this step until you have covered all the sections in the house that you think are important or will be visible to your guests.

How many times you have to repeat the task depends on how grand you want your home interior to be comes Christmas day. To give you some ideas, you can do it for your living room, fireplace, staircase, children’s room and even the bathroom. Yes, I have been to someone’s house with a bathroom that is full of Santa ornaments.

Holiday snow spray
Armour Etch Rub N Etch Stencil Santa, 5-Inch by 8-Inch
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Going with a theme

After you are through with the last corner of the house that you want to decorate, you have to decided on the overall theme before jumping on your feet and start doing the ornament shopping. “This sounds like the common sense thing to do”, you may say. But I can tell you that looking at all those pictures of elegant Christmas decorations can be so engrossing that before realizing, you may be tempted to shop for these items directly.

I like to advise against such practice for one simple reason. Without a grand theme, the ornaments that you buy may not blend with one another. As a result, you may think that you have spent a lot of money but in the end, they will not look as gorgeous as you imagined it to be.

The list of themes to choose from is virtually endless. Keep in mind that the theme that you pick is important because it will reflect your taste and well, personality. You may think it is bizarre but you can even choose a geek Christmas decoration theme. For example, you can even put up all the ‘geek’ ornaments on your Christmas tree. I’m not sure if someone is actually selling ‘geek Christmas decor set’ but a printer maybe all you need to get started. You can have a few of ‘Facebook Like’ or ‘Twitter bird’ printed out and hang on the Christmas tree. We’ve prepared a simple guide on how to do your own Christmas Tree Ribbon in case you need help to get started.

Large holiday decoration decals
Holiday-themed wall decals
Easy peel and stick Christmas sticker wall decorations

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If you prefer the traditional themes, popular options are gold, rustic, vintage and country. This does not mean you cannot be creative though. You can come up with your own such as this feminine theme.

Turn Your Lawn into Magical Christmas Land

There are obviously countless of possible reasons on why homeowners like to put up Christmas scenes outside their houses. Glamour as I’ve mentioned earlier, is definitely one of them. I’m not sure what the owner of this house in Australia was thinking when he laid out the Christmas lighting around his house back in 2012. A Christmas lighting that dances to the tunes of Gangnam turned out to be the perfect recipe to fame.

Gold elegant christmas decorations
Thomas Kinkade Victorian Christmas Village Wreath by The Hamilton Collection
Nearly Natural 4783 Cherry Blossom Wreath, 24-Inch, Pink

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This is only one extreme though. There are fellas who like to see their yard lighted up during Christmas as a way to share and rejoice with their neighbors. What better way to bring the cheerful festive spirits other than say, turning one’s lawn into a magical Christmas Disneyland?

Pick a Theme

How to put up elegant Christmas decorations for outside is definitely different from the indoor approach. There are not many corners to cover but instead, the lawn is just one big plot of space to be spruced up. So, the very first thing that needs to be decided before everything else is the theme.

Do you want a Disney theme that is complete with Mickey inflatable figurines dressed as Santa? Do you want a nativity theme that will dual-serve as a religious education scene for the kids? Do you want a traditional Christmas scene with the 7 reindeers pulling Santa and his sleigh? Or do you simply want a simple and cozy Christmas lights house lighted up with the icicles?

Silver blue elegant holiday themed ornaments
Wedgwood 2013 Christmas Tree Nativity Scene Ornament
Wedgwood 2013 Angel with Star Ornament
3ct Candy Fantasy Shatterproof Matte Turquoise Blue Swirl Christmas Ornaments 4-inch

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Christmas Ornaments for Outside

In recent years, there have been countless types of ornaments that have been created especially for outside decorations.

Rattan-based reindeer pulling Santa with his sleigh is among the most popoular decoratives. Increasingly popular is the inflatable-type of Christmas figurines. Disney characters made to dress in their Christmas costumes are definitely popular among families with young kids.

Lighted gift boxes are also among the common ornaments put up to complete an outdoor Christmas scene. Click to see the most gorgeous pre-lit gift boxes decoration available.

Pathway lighting is another common part among homeowners as it will create grand entrance leading to the main door. You can choose from different shapes and colors. Candy cane-inspired pathway markers are sweet and they are available in different heights.

Shooting star holiday light
Lawn Lights Illuminated Outdoor Decoration, LED, Christmas
Candy cane pathway lights

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If you are particular about the details, Christmas-theme covers are also available for your mailbox. This is an item that is less commonly included in many’s outside Christmas decoration list but you may be surprised at the number of options that you can choose from. Click here to get an idea on how well-dressed your mailbox can be comes Christmas time.

With so many possible ornaments and figurines to choose from, the question of “How to decorate my outdoor for Christmas” is an ironic one. The question is raises more likely due to overwhelming rather than lack of options. Make sure you set a budget and stick strictly on to the budget or otherwise, you may end up paying piles of credit card bills later on.

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